SF, the abbreviated avatar of Shorimal Fakirchand, traces its lineage to its forebears of 4 generations, of the 1930s, when the dyes trade in India depended largely on imports of Swiss, German and English origin.

From the need to effectively communicate with the small dye-house customer, who was beyond the understanding of the European chemical-product designations, and buying only in small tins, evolved SF Group; transcending linguistic and cultural barriers.

SF Group is considered as one of the reputed business houses in India having interests in manufacturing and marketing textile dyes & chemicals and represents renowned companies like Atul Ltd. and Archroma Pvt. Ltd.  Having started a trader of imported textile dyes and chemicals in 1954, SF has since then diversified into manufacturing, distribution for multinationals and real estate development.

SF pioneered the manufacturing of eco-friendly sulphur dyes in India at its multi-purpose dyes and chemical manufacturing facility in Karnataka.


Our Mission is to delight customers in all interactions by providing ‘on time performance’ for services and solutions.
We will achieve this by,

  • Placing customer attention at the heart of all operations.
  • Pursuing innovation in products, services, processes and solutions.
  • Maintaining a professional work environment through teamwork to develop and sustain a competitive advantage.
  • Personal commitment, continued competence development and career growth.