Cool Dyes for Leather – Pick a colour, any colour!

In today’s day and age, choice is everything. And the accessories that complete a person’s outfit are a huge part of one’s identity. Leather products, such as bags and shoes, have often been dyed in the usual, boring colours – black and browns!
But what if you could provide your favourite bag a make-over? Or as a leather goods manufacturer, be able to provide consumers bags, wallets and belts and shoes across a range of colours? How often has a customer asked you – “Would it be possible to get this bag in a different colour?”
In fact, this could easily become your company’s USP – “We provide you our products in dyes and pigments of multiple colours!” Whether you choose to restrict yourself to a particular colour palette that matched your brand’s vision, or to make bright and fun colourfulness the calling card of the brand itself, SF Dyes has the perfect product for you.
Tancol is an engineered sulphur-based dye for leather, manufactured by SF Dyes. It’s water soluble, making mixing easy, but has an excellent wash and tincorial value, which allows a dyer to produce various fashion shades, even within a colour. Finally, a property unique to Tancols is excellent penetration into the substrate level of the material – which means colour stays brighter and lasts longer!
With this plethora of options in front of you, it might be easiest for you to fill out the form on our website and tell us what your vision is for your leather brand – that way we can figure out how best to meet your needs!

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