Denim : Why, where and how ?

Ever wondered how your favorite jeans came into existence or why they are called jeans or maybe even how they become so popular? Read on more to find about these timeless and casual fabrics and their journey into becoming Jeans.

Denim or Jean, was a fabric that was believed to have originated in various parts of Europe. In Nîmes, France, Denim was made out of coarse woven cotton which not only made the fabric strong and durable but also proofed it against wear and tear from frequent usage. However, “Jean” Cloth was a term coined in Genoa, Italy for fabrics manufactured out of cotton corduroy specifically made for sailors.

The twill weaved fabric with diagonal ribbed thread became popular during the gold rush where miners were found adorning pants of made of denim. All thanks to the Bavarian entrepreneur, Levi Strauss and Latvian tailor, Jacob Davis who manufactured Jeans for the masses with their signature style of using metal fasteners to hold pockets to the jeans and creating a fashion revolution among the masses.

But why are Jeans blue in color ? Well, the blue color is characteristics of one of the most commonly used denim fabric dye called, Indigo, which is a dye extracted from indigo plants commonly cultivated in India and the Americas. Being one of the most frequently used dye, blue denims have carved their mark on the fashion revolution seen around the world in various forms.

Wondering how are the Jeans dyed blue ? Here is how. Most commonly used cloth dyes, when heated, get penetrated into the fabric and show the color, however, Indigo dye binds to the cloth threads only externally. Based on the finish required by the final product, the dye is washed over and over again using various tools which remove the dye molecules and small bits of threads also with them giving each pair of jeans their signature look and feel.

Similar to indigo dyes, other denim friendly dyes are used to color Jeans fabric into various tones and washes. Some of the most common washes of denims are acid wash and bleach wash.

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