Natural Dyes: Being Green is In!

With the rise of sea levels, extinction of several species of plants and animals, and the growing threats of climate change, living an eco-friendly life is becoming more and more important to 21st century consumers. Many who now buy products and consume services are looking to do so in ways that are healthy and beneficial to our planet.
So how can you, as a textile manufacturer, get an edge over the competition in the dyeing industry? Simple – use dyes that are natural, and organic dyes that are better for our environment than synthetic ones! You are sure to attract the discerning customer, who is looking for natural dyes that regular chemical companies may not be able to provide them. These dyes are better for our water, and better for our health, not to mention – great for our pocketbooks!
This is where SF dyes steps in – after decades of experience in the chemical industry in India, it is one of the pioneering manufacturing houses that produces eco-friendly dyes at its multipurpose dyes and chemical manufacturing facility in Karnataka, India.
Indigo dye is probably one of the world’s best known organic dyes, and we harness its incredible potential in one of our many eco-friendly dye products – Ecodenim, which provides the user with consistent wash-down tones for denim, even in lighter depths of topping, bottoming, over dyeing and coating. On the other hand, finding environment-friendly alternatives to dying other fabrics can be tough. However, SF Dyes has also pioneered Ecosol, a pre-reduced liquid sulphur fabric dye, that is great for dyeing the cotton component of cotton rich fabric blends – stable when stored, and much better for the environment than traditional dyes. Finally there’s Ecovat, SF Dyes’ modified liquid dye, which has all the benefits of Ecosols as well as a greater resistance to chlorine bleaching.
For all the reasons mentioned above, as far as dyes and pigments go, SF Dyes provides all the solutions – both chemical and eco-friendly – you would need for your textile business! Get in touch with us by filling out a form on our website, now!

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